3 Signs Your Entrance Doors May Need An Upgrade

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While winter may provide a picture perfect backdrop of stunning snowy scenes, it can be unforgiving on the home – particularly your entrance doors.

And while modern entrance doors are designed to protect your home from harsh elements, there are problems that may arise when substandard doors are exposed to plummeting temperatures, snow, rain and blustery winds.

Wood will always reign as the premium material for entrance doors – both for its durability and aesthetic qualities. But with its natural response to changing climates being to expand and contract, ensuring your door is best prepared to cope with the elements is key.

At Wooden Luxury – with more than 100 years’ experience working with wood between us – we ensure every door is sourced, designed, created, finished and fitted to withstand the test of time, whatever the weather.  It is because of our thorough procedures, attention to detail and unrivalled knowledge of working with wood that you can rest assured you will not be burdened with any of the common problems associated with substandard wooden doors during the winter months, including:


This is one of the most common winter woes for older low grade entrance doors.  When the weather gets colder, the wooden fibres which make up the door contract, and then expand when temperatures rise again – eventually altering the fundamental shape of the door and causing it to stick.

With the gap between a door and the frame just millimetres wide, it won’t take much warping before it starts to catch – affecting the functionality of the door whilst also putting pressure on hinges which can cause it to fall away from the frame.


Cracking does not occur as a direct result of being battered by winter elements, but actually by the heating systems we use in our homes to counteract it. Dry air absorbs moisture from any available source – including that stored inside your doors – so when we crank up the heating and the humidity in our homes drops, cracking can occur. Although small cracks are not practically as significant as sticking, they can have an impact on the aesthetics of your door.


One of the primary functions of any door is to keep the heat in your home, and the cold outside. Doors that allow in draughts are not only failing to function effectively, but can also be costly, as you’ll be forced to turn up the heating – especially in winter as the mercury drops. Worn out weather stripping, loose hinges or warping due to excessive moisture exposure – which affects the way your door fits in its frame – are all reasons for a door to let through draughts.

‘But you don’t need to worry about that!  Nor do you need to concern yourself with the need for ongoing maintenance in order to keep your doors in prime condition’

The Wooden Luxury Approach

Our service stretches far beyond providing doors that will enhance the street appeal of every home, with a guarantee they will remain in their prime for years to come

To ensure this, we:

  • Take into consideration the geographical location of the home to ensure the right wood is used to effectively withstand its environment. Geography is key when it comes to wood selection. A coastal property, for example, will be subjected to harsher elements such as sea salt in the air and blustery winds compared to a well sheltered city-based home. The style, material and age of each home are also factored in when deciding on the best wood for your door – we will never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach


  • Only use superior paint products to finish our doors, which contain a flexi compound that enables the paint to expand along with the wood during climate changes, therefore preventing cracks. This superior coating keeps the wood sealed to protect it from the elements all year long. As is our commitment to providing only the highest quality doors designed to stand the test of time, we cover doors in at least four coats of paint


  • Allow for expansion in frames when fitting doors. Each wooden panel has a tolerance to allow for a door’s expansion and contraction cycle during changing temperatures, and we calculate this prior to fitting – and extend the rebate of the frame with a plant-on weather seal – to ensure a perfect fit every time


  • Offer an ongoing maintenance service to all of our customers should doors ever show any signs of wear and tear


A stunning wooden entrance door made from premium quality materials and created with expert craftsmanship, like those offered by Wooden Luxury, will last approximately 10 years – and often a lifetime.

Our commitment to providing only the highest quality doors that are stunning, practical, durable and long-lasting is core to our business – which is why we do everything we can to eliminate any common issues associated with wood at winter, and ensure your door stands the test of time whatever the weather.