Choosing The Right Modern Doors For Your Home

The perfect front door can create a stunning first impression and set the tone for what’s inside your home.

But choosing the right modern door isn’t just about positive kerb appeal – there’s practicality, security, energy conservation, noise reduction and budget to think of too.

And with myriad door designs, fixtures, fittings, colour palettes and glazing options available, the possibilities are endless.


Whether you’re choosing to complement or contrast your door with the architecture of your home, choosing the right material to achieve a show-stopping entrance is a vital one.

But for those who swear by natural beauty, authenticity, durability and sustainability, wooden doors remain the solid favourite after generations at the top of the tree.

Whilst cheaper alternative materials, such as aluminium and uPVC, have grown in popularity, solid wood remains the premium choice for customers both for its aesthetics and energy-friendly qualities that bring practical benefits as well as beauty to homes.

Why Choose Wood

-Standing the test of time:

Extremely durable and rust-free, if cared for correctly, your wooden door will stand the test of time. It’s estimated that its lifespan will be double that of a standard uPVC door, and it’s not uncommon for hardwood doors that are well looked after and properly treated to last for decades. There’s no getting around the fact solid wood is more expensive to purchase than its contemporary counterparts, but you pay for what you get – and you’ll end up forking out for a replacement much sooner if you plump for a cheaper material than you would with wood


As a natural material, wood is an excellent insulator with fantastic thermal properties – namely low thermal conductivity and high thermal mass. This means wooden doors bring energy-friendly benefits as natural contributors of the heating and cooling of spaces – reducing carbon footprint and energy bills. As well as heat insulation, they also have natural noise insulation properties – which is an important consideration if your home is on a busy road

-Timeless design

There’s no denying that solid wooden doors are a beautiful addition to any home. With timeless beauty, no other door can add a luxury finish quite as effortlessly as a wooden door can


this doesn’t mean wood can’t reign in the contemporary market just as effortlessly as the heritage. So while thoughts of solid wooden front doors may take your mind to overbearing, heavy or grandiose creations of the past, evolving craftsmanship has enabled us to design and produce wooden doors with sleek, modern features that enhance and complement homes from all eras.

Owners of modern homes often don’t realise that wooden entrances can be perfectly integrated into modern architecture, as well as incorporating modern integrated security features to ensure paramount safety of your home including insurance rated locking mechanisms.

Enormous Choice:

From the choice of wood – European Oak (English Hardwood), Accoya (British Acetylated Timber), Idigbo (African Hardwood), Sapele (African Hardwood) or even Scandinavian Redwood to name a selection – to design, style and additional extras, the choices are endless.

Maybe you prefer plain, simple and classic? Or decorative, detailed and show-stopping?

Contemporary wood doors enable you to choose a variety of different surface treatments that elevate the simplicity of raw wood into a modern masterpiece. Combining wood with glass details and windows in multiple layers creates myriad design opportunities to make a statement.

Go Bespoke:

The beauty of crafting with natural materials, rather than selecting an off-the-shelf product, is that you can choose a door that truly represents your style and enhances your home. Go bespoke with a luxury wooden door that is made-to-measure, created to your exact requirements, to suit your individual style of taste or home.

Limited environmental impact:

Wood is globally known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources, and as such the damages to the environment can be limited with new trees planted to ensure a sustainable future.  As the world wakes up to a growing climate crisis, more companies are doing their part to champion the use of sustainable materials – including the sourcing of timber from well-sustained forests.

While plastic doors enjoyed a boom in popularity in the mid 1990s into the early 2000s due to their perceived low maintenance and affordability, reports on the potential impact on health due to the release of highly poisonous chemicals on their disposal – along with the national conscious effort to protect the environment with the use of sustainable materials in construction – has had customers flooding back to wood in their droves.

Whilst saying it with wood will undoubtedly cost more in the short term than contemporary alternatives, there’s a reason why wood has remained the material of choice of front doors for generations – unrivalled beauty, longevity, durability, energy efficiency and sustainability to name but a few.

So, if you’re looking to make a statement with a stunning front door that will enhance your home for decades to come, we would do it with wood. Would you?