How have modern front doors evolved over the decades?

Doors have played a dual role in keeping people out and keeping people safe and warm inside for centuries – and they remain one of the most important aspects of consideration for any home.


The first recorded history of doors is more than 4,000 years go. Ever since, modern doors have become symbolic of cultures over time, evolving in both style and practicality.


In the UK, the front doors we now use have evolved over time to meet the needs and requirements of modern living, and today’s doors can range from modern and contemporary to the lavish and eye catching.


Traditional Oak doors can be dated back to the 15th Century – and there’s a reason solid wood has stood the test of time as the most popular choice of material for front doors still today.

It’s true that since the introduction of solid wooden doors, material trends have shifted through the eras – mainly influenced by cost – including the introduction of softwoods and plywood – made up of layers upon layers of softer wood to boost strength. Plastic doors enjoyed a boom in the mid 1900s and early 200s due to their perceived low maintenance and affordability, while aluminium and composite doors – made from combining materials to create one than is stronger than its individual components – are currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

But they have merely been pretenders to the crown.

Whilst solid wooden doors will undoubtedly cost more in the short term than contemporary alternatives, their unrivalled beauty, longevity, durability and energy efficiency are just some of the reasons they remain first choice.

And as the world becomes more aware of a growing climate crisis, the sustainability of wood – known globally to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources – is another draw for environmentally conscience customers – especially following reports of the potential impact on health due to the release of highly poisonous chemicals on the disposal of cheaper, plastic doors.

3 core benefits of Wooden Doors:

  • Unrivalled Thermal Insulation
  • Enhanced Security to meet design
  • Durability & Longevity


While doors were first invented back in ancient Egyptian times for very different reasons – namely being used in tombs to act as a gate to the afterlife – their primary function in more recent history has been to either halt or delay undesired entry into our houses. Yet they quickly became an opportunity to impress – with master craftsmen employed by the finest houses and royalty to construct richly detailed oak doors with elaborate carvings.

The importance of a stylish front door soon caught on and continued throughout the decades, where impressive doors became accessorised with elaborately carved brackets, and doors were embellished with elaborate bell-rings and handles. Victorian times introduced stained glass or etched windows to give an air of grandeur which are still popular today.

Whilst the modern movement of the 1920s brought with it a more simplistic door design, the elaborate and imposing styles of the more distant past remain popular with homeowners today. 

While styles are constantly changing, the desire to honour the aesthetic beauty – and durability – of past designs show no sign of waining. At the same time, more and more people with period properties are experimenting with contrasting the historic and imposing architecture of their homes with contemporary, understated and sleek door designs.

There is something special about a beautifully crafted wooden front door – whether you’re choosing to complement or contrast your home styling with a nod to the past – or the future.

And thanks to the blending of innovation of the modern world with historic craftsmanship skills – and design ideas – of the past, homeowners can now pick and choose exactly how their front door looks, feels and functions.

Modern Door variations

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Moder Door With Vortex Locking
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Victorian Style Modern Door
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Georgina Style Door With Townhouse Lock


Over time, doors have evolved to offer improved thermal efficiency and security, which are both important considerations when purchasing a front door.


With everyday homes now containing more expensive gadgets and gizmos than ever, people are quite rightly concerned about ensuring the security of their homes – keeping their home insurance costs down at the same time.

This demand has led to the introduction of strong insurance rated mechanisms, featuring robust bolts, night latches, deadlocks and 5 lever anti-snap euro cylinder sash locks, which can now be comfortably incorporated into door designs, whatever their style, meaning homeowners no longer have to concede on style for safety.


While doors historically represented cultures over time, their evolution means homeowners of today can now enjoy the best of both worlds. 


From sleek, modern and contemporary to grandiose, intricate, rustic or ornate, bespoke door designers are now blending the master craftsman skills of the past with modern fixtures, ironmongery, colour palettes and glazing options to create front entrances that will enhance every home both aesthetically and practically.