How to bring your kitchen to life with an Industrial Style Kitchen

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If you’re looking for a kitchen that’s modern, elegant, simple to maintain, versatile and professional looking, then the industrial modern kitchen may just be the one for you.


Defined by a professional aesthetic, the industrial kitchen mimics the utilitarianism of a commercial kitchen used by trained chefs but is not typically minimalist.  


Instead, it mixes an eclectic variety of materials, using simple features with ‘raw’ materials and styling to create a beautiful space that feels open and easy to navigate. Industrial kitchens also make heavy use of personalisation to give individual character with a nod to the industrial style which dates back to the 1950s.  


The use of natural materials, such as solid oak, exposed brick and factory-style metal elements create a stylish space with a stripped back atmosphere where cooking, socialising and eating feel effortless and relaxed.


When creative communities designed living spaces to make their work/life balance easier, old warehouses were sometimes sourced for housing as they featured an abundance of open space and light.


This has been mirrored in the mainstream with a surge in popularity of industrial style kitchens that marry unrefined, textural beauty with functionality and efficiency.


Now that you’ve decided to invest in the industrial feel, take a look at some of the design ideas to bring it to life with style:

Keep it simple:

The ‘naked’ look is a trademark for industrial style – unfinished, unrefined and unpainted. Do you have concrete walls, floors or brickwork to expose? Be brave and leave them bare.

Making the most of the bones of your space:

Take advantage of the natural architectural features and proportions of your kitchen space. While industrial-style kitchens may work best in naturally industrial-style settings, think high ceilings, wooden ceiling beams and wooden flooring to build the aesthetic.


Reveal architectural elements wherever possible such as exposed beams, metal pipes and air conditioning systems. See them as features to be embraced and exposed rather than eyesores to be disguised. And if your space doesn’t have any natural gems – fake them.

Strip it back with open shelving:

Open rustic wooden shelving is a classic component of industrial design, which makes it easier for you to access essentials while providing space to display your favourite pieces. Team up the natural wood shelving with heavy, black metal accessories.

Pendant lighting:

A staple of the industrial style kitchen is pendant lighting which perfectly encapsulates the ‘factory feel’ and allows you to create dedicated kitchen lighting zones for cooking and dining.

Incorporate professional appliances:

The industrial kitchen style has also been defined by the incorporation of integrated professional appliances, such as counters featuring built-in fridges, dishwashers and wine coolers. It’s not uncommon to find numerous appliances nestled together. You can choose to hide appliances behind cupboard doors or embrace the ‘bare bones’ style of industrial kitchen design and leave it all on show. 

Maximise open space:

While in an ideal world your industrial kitchen would already feature a high ceiling and lots of open space, you can be clever with design to make the most of the space you have.


Install clever storage systems or blend textures such as stainless steel with rustic timber open shelving to create a light, open atmosphere.

Combine a variety of materials:

The key to the industrial kitchen is its eclectic combination of different materials, which provides a range of textures and colours to stimulate visual interest and allow you to flex your style. Think about rustic timber counter tops that balance the natural beauty of the beams, offset with a focus stainless steel cooker and concrete floor, for example.

Signature furniture:

Invest in a signature piece of bespoke freestanding wooden furniture, kitchen island or table and pair with vintage metal bar stools to continue the eclectic theme.


At Wooden Luxury, we work with you to design, craft and install a dream custom-made industrial kitchen that is unique to you and your needs. We also work with local, independent suppliers and ironmongers to add stylish additions to our designs, such as etched glass panels or show stopping handles.


Our skilled craftsmen will work with you to create a long-lasting industrial kitchen that will fulfil all of your practical needs – whilst epitomising the efficiency and raw natural beauty of the industrial kitchen style that has become so popular.





Reasons why you should choose oak for your industrial kitchen

  1. Solid oak stands the test of time
  2. Oak has unrivalled natural beauty
  3. Treated properly, oak can withstand the harshest of elements and pressures – even a hot and steamy kitchen
  4. Oak is one of the most sustainable materials available
  5. Doors can be tailored to fit perfectly with any style or space – and can be embellished with individual glass panelling, handles or latches to add individuality to your design
  6. Oak is decay-resistant and resists moisture well – an important factor to consider in a busy kitchen



Why choose Wooden Luxury for your industrial-style kitchen?


We Only Use The Highest Quality Materials:

  • All of our bespoke industrial kitchens are made using the highest quality sustainable timber – known for its longevity, strength, durability and natural beauty. It is the perfect material for homeowners who want a kitchen that makes a statement that will last for decades.


Environmentally Friendly And Sustainably Sourced Materials:

  • We only source our wood from well-sustained forestry so we can guarantee that our products hold the highest certification from with the Forest Stewardship Council. We strive to reduce energy consumption and limit any impact on the environment with our sustainability promise – assuring our customers that every time a tree is cut down, a new one is planted in the forests we source from.


A Unique Kitchen That Is Designed For You And Your Home: 

  • Our bespoke kitchens are made to measure – designed and crafted using independent, artisan suppliers for products such as ironmongery, stained glass, locks, and specialist paints to ensure they are best suited to your home – whatever the style or practical needs.
  • Variety Of Colours: Every style of oak kitchen cabinet or feature is available hand-finished in many traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges. Our paint and protection finishes ensure a long life with very low maintenance, giving you absolute peace of mind.


Maintenance Free:

 Our kitchens are crafted using only the highest quality timber – and as we only use paint products that are tried and tested to stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest of elements found in a busy kitchen, you will not have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking its best.


8-Year Guarantee:

We are so confident in the quality of our bespoke kitchens that we offer an 8-year year guarantee as standard. This includes paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.