Period Doors: blending the 'oldy worldy' with a modern style.

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If you have a period property, it’s likely you’ll also have a period front door to match its architectural charm. 

But if it’s a true original, the chances are it won’t be as effective in terms of practicality, security or energy efficiency as a modern door would.

The good news is that there’s no need to compromise on style by upgrading to a modern ‘period’ door which maintains the authentic charm and aesthetic beauty of an original whilst keeping your home safe, secure and warm.

Our period doors range from Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco  – but as they are fully bespoke they can also be designed to be blended perfectly with a more modern home wanting a flourish of period charm. With our stained glass panels, ironmongery, locks and specialist paints sourced from local, artisan suppliers, we guarantee to give your home an entrance that turns heads.

How period styles differ:


Georgian homes were built during the 18th century and are easily identifiable as they are often very symmetrical with front doors usually set centrally with windows at either side. Georgian front doors are typically large and stately-looking, painted in rich glossy shades of green, red and black and adorned with ornate brass door furniture


Victorian properties were built during the 19th century and feature an architectural style more ornamental than their Georgian predecessors. 

As the Victorians understood the power of kerb appeal, the typical front door of this period is a grand affair, reflecting an era where people showcased their wealth and standing in the community with elaborate designs. Victorian front doors often feature intricate stained glass panels and sidelights


Referring to the brief period from 1901-1910, front doors from this period remain imposing.

This era saw carved door panels and frames decorated in a wide range of painted colours. Moulded panels and ornate glazing were standard as the manufacture of glass was less expensive during this period than in previous times. The doors typically feature a large glazed overhead top panel to allow light to flood into the hallway.

*Art Deco

The years between the wars saw a rise in homeownership and a boom in house building. Doors were plainer with fewer panels, although many would feature large curved or round stained glass panels within the top half featuring colourful designs such as the famous ‘sunburst’ glass panel. Furthermore stained glass would often be used in the frame around the door – possibly a single glazed widow on either side, or sometimes even both.


How period styles differ:

1. We Only Use The Highest Quality Materials

All of our bespoke period doors are made using the highest quality sustainable timber – known for its longevity, strength, minimal movement and natural insulation – as well as its unrivalled natural beauty.

Timber is the perfect material for homeowners who want stable doors that are both stunning on the eye and will last for decades.


2. Environmentally Friendly And Sustainably Sourced Materials

All of our period doors are made using timber sourced from well-sustained forestry so you can rest assured that our products hold the highest certification with the Forest Stewardship Council. We work hard to reduce energy consumption and limit any impact on the environment, with our sustainable promise assuring customers that every time a tree is cut down, a new one is planted in the forests that we source from.


3. Uniquely Designed For You And Your Home

Our bespoke period doors are made to measure – designed and crafted using independent, artisan suppliers for products such as double-glazing, ironmongery, stained glass, locks, and specialist paints to ensure they are best suited to your home – whatever the style or practical needs. Whichever style you choose from our period range, every door is hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges.

 -Variety of colours 

Every style of period door is available hand-finished in many traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges.

In addition, we can also create a colour match to any existing colour you may have at your home. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard. Our paint and protection finishes ensure a long life with very low maintenance, giving you absolute peace of mind.


-Variety of designs, styles and finishings

Our period doors range from Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco. 

Period doorways often had some kind of glazing whether it was in the door itself, a fanlight or a sidelight, to light in natural light to homes before electricity was prevalent. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard – and you can choose to really make your front door a showstopper with beautifully designed glass featuring authentic designs that incorporate modern features such as strengthened, frosted or opaque for additional security and privacy.



We pride ourselves on producing period doors that are not only beautiful and authentic looking – but also do their job. Our doors are all secured with strong insurance rated locking mechanisms. These feature robust bolts, night latches, deadlocks and three kite marked anti-snap euro cylinder sash locks to give you peace of mind.


-Maintenance Free

 Our period doors are crafted using only the highest quality timber – and as we only use paint products that are tried and tested to stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest of elements, you will not have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance to keep your stable doors in prime condition.


-8-year guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our bespoke period doors that we offer an 8-year year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.


Both beautiful in appearance and practical in use, our high quality timber period doors will make a statement and enhance your home – whether it be to match or contrast with its architectural style.


And no longer does having a ‘genuine’ period door mean you need to compromise on safety, security and energy efficiency to retain the authentic charm and beauty they are so renowned for.


To find out more about our bespoke period doors, call 01746 322 301 or contact us via email