Top Tips To Protect Your Wooden Entrance Doors This Winter

chris holland

Winter is officially here! But while the magical season may be a beautiful one, it will mean a battering for your home – especially your wooden entrance doors.

In response to the changing climate, wooden doors can often exhibit a range of symptoms which, if not addressed, will steadily worsen and inhibit their ability to do their job.

Why do wooden doors change in winter?

When the weather begins to cool, substandard doors can deteriorate in two main respects.  Each comes about because of wood expansion and contraction in response to changes in temperature and moisture.



When the weather gets chillier, the wooden fibres which make up your door will begin to contract.  When things get warmer again, those same fibres will expand.  After a while, this cycle of expansion and contraction will cause a door to become the wrong size and shape for its frame. 

With just a few millimetres of space around the door, it only takes a small amout of warping for the door to begin catching on the frame.

This can make it difficult to open and close the door, while the warping effect will also cause the hinges to become loose.



As well as doors that stick, you also need to keep an eye out for doors that crack during winter.

Cracking occurs due to a drop in humidity in homes caused by the heating systems we use to counteract the wintery climate.

Dry air will absorb moisture from any available source, including that stored within your wooden doors, which can lead to cracking.

Cracking may not be as practical a problem as sticking, but it will have a greater impact on the aesthetics of your doors.

What can I do to prepare my doors for winter?

The good news is that there are a number of simple, practical steps you can take to counteract the colder climate and keep your wooden doors in tip top condition throughout winter.



If gaps start appearing around your wooden doors, you will need to ensure they are properly sealed.

This is an easy job that can be done with sealing strips that sit around the edges of the door or with acrylic sealing paste. Both work by collapsing slightly whenever the door is closed, squeezing to fill any gaps.

As well as preserving the look of your door, sealing will also prevent cold air passing through into your home and provide additional soundproofing.



We should make sure the wood itself is given the best protection against the effects of moisture drainage.

This could be done with a coat of wax which will act almost like a moisturiser for your door – soaking into the wood and creating a barrier between the moisture within the door and the surrounding dry air.

Doors can also be given an added layer of protection with durable paint that also acts as a barrier against the elements. At Wooden Luxury, we offer a wide range of paint shade and stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth and Osmo ranges.

Before applying a coat of finish, ensure your door is as clean as possible and free from blemishes. Do this by running a damp cloth over the wood and removing all visible pieces of dirt as you don’t want to be sealing these under a coat of finish.

Make sure you let the wood dry completely before adding wax or paint because trapping excess moisture inside will create more problems for your doors.



You’ll want to make sure that your door is as securely attached to the frame as possible for it to do its job properly over the colder months.

You’ll need to do this by tightening the hinges, which will loosen over time in response to warping.

It is important that tightening is performed slowly and manually with a screwdriver rather than a drill. This is to prevent you going too far and twisting the screw further than necessary which can strip the socket and render the screw ineffective.



It may be worth investing in a humidifier to ensure the air in your home is maintained at an ideal moisture level – preferably one with a sensor that automatically adjusts the humidity.

Maintaining humidity will help to expand the lifespan of your wooden doors as well as other wooden furniture in your home. But be sure not to over-humidify as this will do more harm than good.



As well as trying to prevent cold air from travelling through the gaps at the side of your doors, we also need to prevent heat energy from escaping.

Insulating your doors using draught excluders – or even something as simple as a rolled up towel – will prevent heat escaping, keeping your rooms warm and keeping down your energy bills.


Buy quality:

If you are opting for a new door, quality will always be key. All of our doors are solid oak, which keep in more heat than hollow centred doors, whilst being finished with durable products to ensure they are best prepared for the cold winter months.

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose a solid oak front door:


  • Solid oak doors stand the test of time
  • Outstanding insulation properties of oak – an estimated 0.16k (the ‘k’ value is measured in W/m2/K and the lower the figure the better)
  • Treated properly, external oak doors can withstand even the harshest of elements and pressures – keeping the bad weather out and the warmth inside
  • Oak has unrivalled natural beauty
  • Doors can be tailored to fit perfectly with any architectural style or age of home – and can be embellished with individual glass panelling, handles or latches to create a more modern, period or traditional look depending on your requirement
  • Oak is decay-resistant and resists moisture well – an important factor to consider given the Great British weather 
  • Unrivalled natural security for your home

Why choose Wooden Luxury for your oak doors:

We Only Use The Highest Quality Materials

All of our bespoke oak front doors and internal doors are made using the highest quality sustainable timber – known for its longevity, strength, durability and natural beauty. It is the perfect material for homeowners who want a front door that makes a statement that will last for decades.


–          Environmentally Friendly And Sustainably Sourced Materials

We only source our wood from well-sustained forestry so we can guarantee that our products hold the highest certification from with the Forest Stewardship Council. We strive to reduce energy consumption and limit any impact on the environment with our sustainability promise – assuring our customers that every time a tree is cut down, a new one is planted in the forests we source from.


–          Unique Doors That Are Designed For You And Your Home 

Our bespoke oak front doors  and internal doors are made to measure – designed and crafted using independent, artisan suppliers for products such as double-glazing, ironmongery, stained glass, locks, and specialist paints to ensure they are best suited to your home – whatever the style or practical needs. Whichever style you choose, every door is hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges.


–          Variety Of Colours 

Every style of oak door is available hand-finished in many traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges.

In addition, we can also create a colour match to any existing colour you may have at your home. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard. Our paint and protection finishes ensure a long life with very low maintenance, giving you absolute peace of mind.


–          Variety Of Designs, Styles And Finishings

We have a range of oak front doors to fit any home or setting – whether it be period (Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco), traditional or modern. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard – and you can choose to really make your front door a showstopper with beautifully designed glass featuring authentic designs that incorporate modern features such as strengthened, frosted or opaque for additional security and privacy.


–          Security 

We pride ourselves on producing period doors that are not only beautiful and authentic looking – but also do their job. Our doors are all secured with strong insurance rated locking mechanisms. These feature robust bolts, night latches, deadlocks and three kite marked anti-snap euro cylinder sash locks to give you peace of mind.


–          Maintenance Free

 Our oak front doors are crafted using only the highest quality timber – and as we only use paint products that are tried and tested to stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest of elements, you will not have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance to keep doors in prime condition.

–          8-Year Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our bespoke oak front doors that we offer an 8-year year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.

Whilst new materials may come on the market that attempt to take oak’s crown, they are mere pretenders to the crown when it comes to choosing doors that will make a statement to last for decades – and ensure your home always gives the best first impression.


Changes in temperature can inflict noticeable harm on your wooden doors which is why it is essential to anticipate the problems harsher winter weather can bring and guard against them.

There’s still no superior choice for a front door than solid wood – and by following the few simple steps we’ve discussed, keeping your doors in tip top condition whatever the weather is a simple task.


For more information about keeping your oak doors in shape over winter – or advice about prospective purchases – call 01746 322301 or email