Why Solid Oak Front Doors Still Reign Supreme

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First impressions count.  In all aspects of life.  But, when it comes to making a good first impression with your home, your front door is key.

There’s a few considerations to make when it comes to finding a door that is right for your home – cost and style being among them.

But the type of material you choose should also be one of your priorities, and when it comes to material, we don’t think there’s anything superior to solid oak. 

What makes oak doors a solid choice?

Material trends have shifted throughout the years since the introduction of solid oak doors – mainly due to the influence of cost. They include the introduction of softwoods and plywood, made up of layers upon layers of softer wood to boost their strength, and then the boom of plastic doors in the 1990s and early 2000s which became popular due to their perceived low maintenance and affordability.

Aluminium and composite doors, made from combining materials to create one that is stronger than its individual components, are currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

But none can compare to the sheer natural beauty, insulation properties, security and durability of solid oak – although they may cost more in the short term than their contemporary alternatives. 

And as the world becomes more aware of climate issues, the sustainability of wood – known globally to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources – is another reason oak front doors reign supreme as the material of choice for luxury front doors.

8 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose an Oak Front Door

  1. Solid oak doors stand the test of time

  2. Outstanding insulation properties of oak – an estimated 0.16k (the ‘k’ value is measured in W/m2/K and the lower the figure the better)

  3. Treated properly, external oak doors can withstand even the harshest of elements and pressures – keeping the bad weather out and the warmth inside

  4. Oak has unrivalled natural beauty

  5. Oak is one of the most sustainable materials available

  6. Doors can be tailored to fit perfectly with any architectural style or age of home – and can be embellished with individual glass panelling, handles or latches to create a more modern, period or traditional look depending on your requirement

  7. Oak is decay-resistant and resists moisture well – an important factor to consider given the Great British weather 

  8. Unrivalled natural security for your home

Why choose Wooden Luxury for your oak front door?

We only use the highest quality materials

  • All of our bespoke oak front doors are made using the highest quality sustainable timber – known for its longevity, strength, durability and natural beauty. It is the perfect material for homeowners who want a front door that makes a statement that will last for decades.

Environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials

  • We only source our wood from well-sustained forestry so we can guarantee that our products hold the highest certification from with the Forest Stewardship Council. We strive to reduce energy consumption and limit any impact on the environment with our sustainability promise – assuring our customers that every time a tree is cut down, a new one is planted in the forests we source from.

A unique front door that is designed for you and your home 

  • Our bespoke oak front doors are made to measure – designed and crafted using independent, artisan suppliers for products such as double-glazing, ironmongery, stained glass, locks, and specialist paints to ensure they are best suited to your home – whatever the style or practical needs. Whichever style you choose, every door is hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges.


Variety of colours 

Every style of oak door is available hand-finished in many traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges.

In addition, we can also create a colour match to any existing colour you may have at your home. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard. Our paint and protection finishes ensure a long life with very low maintenance, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Variety of designs, styles and finishings

We have a range of oak front doors to fit any home or setting – whether it be period (Georgian to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco), traditional or modern. All of our doors come with high specification glazing, fitted as standard – and you can choose to really make your front door a showstopper with beautifully designed glass featuring authentic designs that incorporate modern features such as strengthened, frosted or opaque for additional security and privacy.


We pride ourselves on producing period doors that are not only beautiful and authentic looking – but also do their job. Our doors are all secured with strong insurance rated locking mechanisms. These feature robust bolts, night latches, deadlocks and three kite marked anti-snap euro cylinder sash locks to give you peace of mind.

Maintenance Free

 Our oak front doors are crafted using only the highest quality timber – and as we only use paint products that are tried and tested to stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest of elements, you will not have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance to keep your stable doors in prime condition.

8-year guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our bespoke oak front doors that we offer an 8-year year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.

Whilst new materials may come on the market that attempt to take oak’s crown, they are mere pretenders to the crown when it comes to choosing a front door that will make a statement to last for decades – and ensure your home always gives the best first impression.

To find out more about our bespoke oak front doors, call 01746 322 301 or contact us via email on sales@woodenluxury.co.uk