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Bespoke Sash Windows from Wooden Luxury

Over time a buildings windows can start to fade or rot, leaving a home looking tired and worn.  Give your property a new lease of life with quality wooden sash windows from Wooden Luxury.

We use hardwood, softwood, or oak to create the windows that are a perfect fit for the look and style of your home.  Our dedicated team have years of experience in the industry and can recommend styles and woods based on your requirements.

Our master craftsmen create and install all of our windows which can be designed to fit every shape and size of opening. We promise that all work will comply with building regulations and complement the current look of your property, adding both value and beauty. Our team are passionate about what we do and take great pride in all of their work.

With 13 years’ experience creating windows that stand the test of time, we are confident that we can deliver. 

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Architect designed sash windows

Our architect designed sash windows are available in different styles to complement modern properties, or add individually to a period home.

The sash windows feature clean, understated lines, finished with sleek glazing bars and crisp modern or traditional hand forged ironmongery.

An etched glass effect may be chosen to provide privacy in areas such as bathrooms and toilets, including the option to have double glazed stained glass.

Wooden Luxury sash windows faithfully replicate timeless designs down to the finest details and includes the slimmest traditional sash available in the UK, as well as more specialised solutions for listed buildings and conservation areas.

Wooden windows grace some of the most beautiful homes in the country – and replacing these originals, when the time comes, is a Wooden Luxury speciality.

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8 Year Guarantee

We’re that confident in our luxury bespoke products that we offer a 8 year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.

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Maintenance free

Low Maintenance wooden doors and windows come as standard when you use Wooden Luxury. We only use paint products that are tried & tested and when applied correctly guarantee longevity.

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safe and secure

Security is assured with strong insurance rated locking mechanisms and fasteners that provide advanced security levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oak Sash Windows are sometimes called “Hung Sash” windows or sometimes “Sash and Case Windows”. However, all of these names essentially mean the same thing, which is a window with sliding panels or sashes that hold a pane of glass – this can be one sash or more than one.

In typical examples, each window frame contains two sashes or sliding panels which both slide vertically. This allows you to have an opening at the top or the bottom of the window, or both if desired.

One of the main benefits of this is it can create a very efficient ventilation system inside your property – as air warms up it rises because it expands and becomes less dense, this allows it to escape from the top opening. Once the air cools down again it begins to shrink and become less dense which allows it to fall so cooler air can be pulled in through the bottom opening of the window. This in turn creates a convection current which can help keep your home cooler in the warmer months.