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Storm Proof Windows

Enhance your Home with Wooden Luxury Windows

It is important to protect your home from the outside elements.

Thanks to the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, storm proof windows are a popular choice.

At Wooden Luxury, we understand people’s concerns.

We thus design our windows to deliver the best weatherproof performance. Perfect for the fit and style of your home, we construct our bespoke windows with impact-resistant double glazing and storm proof casement window hinges.

With multi point locking plus timber and lipped casement, your home will be protected.


Bespoke Storm Proof Windows

Our expert team will design your windows with security features to fit every shape, size and style of opening.

Your bespoke design, complete with timber windows and locking mechanisms, will compliment your home.

This adds value and attraction.

As a family-run business, our team are passionate and take great pride in all work.

With 13 years’ experience creating windows that stand the test of time, we are confident that we deliver.

We offer product recommendations and provide free advice on how to maintain your new windows.

It is our promise that all work complies with building regulations.


We are that confident in our bespoke storm proof windows that we offer a 10-year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double-glazed units, paint work, craftsmanship and ironmongery.


We offer low maintenance wooden storm proof windows when you use Wooden Luxury. We only use products that are tried and tested and guarantee longevity.


We assure advanced security. Our products come with strong insurance rated locking mechanisms and fasteners.

It’s all in the Detail

Introduced in the 1950’s, a lip was created to stop the window sitting level and resting proud of the frame. This is called lipped casement windows. The design guarantees extra protection against the elements, hence the name storm proof. Wooden Luxury replicates classic designs and ensures that each window is created with a unique, detail style. We offer specialised solutions for listed buildings and conservation areas across the UK. This includes traditional glazing units. We offer a range of layouts, glazing, finish, and paint options. This is in fitting with the visual qualities that you would expect from a luxury storm proof window. We are experts in creating a simple yet effective design.

Peace of Mind and an Eye for the Finish

Every style of window is available hand-finished in hundreds of traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges. We also offer the option to vary the colour on the inside of the window, so that it can match your internal decor and all of our windows come with high specification glazing fitted as standard and our paint / protection finishes ensure a long life with very low maintenance for absolute peace of mind.

We're happy to help...
With so many options available, choosing what's right for you can be daunting, but we can help. Arrange a visit from Chris, he'll sit down with you, find out your needs and design your perfect solution.
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What is a Storm Proof Window?

A storm proof window is designed so that the window does not go fully into the frame. This style of window is known as a lipped casement, as the lip prevents the window from going further into the structure. The design itself adds extra protection against unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. The qualities also provide excellent thermal, acoustic and security performance.

Benefits of a Storm Proof Window

  • Protect during storms and other unpredictable weather conditions
  • Known to raise property value
  • Noise insulation
  • Visually pleasing
  • Superior security features
  • Sound and heat insulation and energy efficient, potentially reducing heating bills
  • Lower insurance premiums on your home

What Material Should I Choose for my Storm Proof Windows?

Wooden Luxury recommend oak as it is high quality material. Oak seamlessly blends-in with natural surroundings. It can be manufactured to incorporate modern seals and specialised casement to protect against the weather. This gives the wood a contemporary style. Oak is also generally a good choice where there is planning regulations and extra care required. Oak windows are more energy efficient and eco-friendly than uPVC and aluminium options.

What is the Difference Between a Flush and a Storm-Proof Casement Window?

Today in the UK, there are 2 main designs of casement window: flush and storm proof. Both operate with hinges to open. Casement windows were first introduced into the UK in the 16th and 17th centuries. Casement windows open on a hinge and are either top hung or side hung. Side hung casements open similarly to a door. Top hung windows rotate 90 degrees but with the hinge at the top. Both offer excellent weather performance.

Flush fit windows mainly have opening casements. The main difference is that the casement is ‘flush’ with the face of the window frame.

Flush windows are the traditional casement window design. A window, or sash fits into the frame and sits flush, hence the name flush casement.

Storm-proof casement windows feature outward opening casements. These rebate over the face of the window frame. They can hang on cranked hinges and feature multi-point locking systems.

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