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French Doors to enhance your home with Wooden Luxury Doors

French doors are a classic feature to add to your home. A subtle way to open up your living space, this style of door brings your outside area closer and creates an open plan, conventional feel. At Wooden Luxury, we offer a practical and stylish range of wooden French doors, enhancing both your home and lifestyle in one. Crafted with hardwood, our highest quality doors operate effortlessly and can open either inside or outside. All of our door pairs are authentically styled in either traditional or contemporary designs, allowing natural light into your room.

Constructed with expert craftsmanship, our French doors can be made bespoke to suit any type of home. Designed to open and close with ease and crafted with timber that is guaranteed to last for decades, both our internal French doors and external French doors incorporate a host of technical innovations. Created to exacting standards as a set or single door, our stunning timber doors are factory glazed with factory applied paint finishes and a stunning exterior wood. This ensures a long life and low maintenance.

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Made-to-measure for any home and finished in the UK

We always put our customers first. At Wooden Luxury, we will design and craft your French doors as a bespoke one-off product which is made-to-measure. We believe this gives a personal touch and allows us to create doors that are suitable for every kind of home.

You can choose from a selection including oak French doors with glazed panels, those suitable for conservation areas, smart panelled doors and practical stable doors. Each product is authentically styled. Whichever design you select, the door will be hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges and will be colour coordinated with the threshold.

Our offerings also include, but are not limited to, door installation, door frames and door fitting. French doors are ideal for creating space and adding light to any room. This style is energy efficient with double glazing, will trap heat in your home and add a level of security with strong, insurance-rated locking mechanisms. These feature robust bolts, night latches, deadlocks and five lever anti-snap euro cylinder sash locks. Internal and external wooden French doors all incorporate the security and warmth attributes.

As a family-run business, our team is passionate and takes great pride in all work. We provide your home with a touch of luxury and will pay attention to detail when installing your new wooden French door.

Eye For Detail

Designed with your home in mind by skilled architects, our bespoke French doors are available in different styles. Options can complement modern properties or add an individual style to a period home. Every style of timber door is available hand-finished in an array of classic shades and timber stains. These include RAL colours and shades, complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges. We also offer the option to vary the colour on the inside of the door, so that it will match your internal decor.

All Wooden Luxury doors come with high-specification glazing fitted as standard. Our beautiful timber French doors can also be glazed and finished in factory applied paint. Our paint and protection finish establish a long life, with very low maintenance. This gives you absolute peace of mind. We assure you that our procedures are environmentally friendly and we work to a sustainable ethos.

Piece Of Mind

Every style of timber door is available hand-finished in hundreds of traditional shades and timber stains, including RAL colours and shades complementary to those from the Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth paint and Osmo ranges. We also offer the option to vary the colour on the inside of the door, so that it can match your internal decor. Also all of our doors come with high specification glazing fitted as standard and our paint / protection finishes ensure a long life, with very low maintenance, for absolute peace of mind.

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Buy with Confidence with our 6 year Guarantee

We’re that confident in our luxury bespoke products that we offer a 6 year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, finishes craftsmanship and ironmongery.  Our 6-year guarantee break down cover is as follows:

We provide a 6-year manufacturer guarantee on all our products.*  The Manufacturer guarantee includes the joints of the joinery, major timber bows and twists in the product.  Clear and obvious signs of neglect and/or damage is not covered.  To ensure the product stands the test of time, it is recommended that the painting and oil finishes are regularly treated and well maintained.

Your Ironmongery guarentee  covers all hardware such as all latches, catches, bolts, locks and ESPAG’s.  This also includes ironmongery finishings such as handles, fasteners, stays, pulls, knobs & letterboxes.

Our double glazing guarantee is there incase  any of your double-glazed units blow or condensate (this is where the glass steams up within the cavity of the sealed unit) within 4 years of purchasing the product.  In thisninstance we will then change them free of charge.

Low Maintenance wooden doors and windows come as standard when you use Wooden Luxury. We only use paint and oil products that are tried & tested and when applied correctly guarantee longevity.

A timber product is likely to move ‘most’ within the first few months of fitting as it adjusts to its new climate.  We offer a ‘fit like new’ guarantee for 1 year after the product is fitted as we want you to have peace of mind that any snags that may occur will be taken care off.

Frequently Asked Questions

French doors are generally two identical doors that are side-by-side and in most cases, open outwards. This creates a spacious opening into the garden. Smaller homes or properties with small gardens can benefit from this style of door as they assist in expanding the space. There are three types of French door, and these are external (French patio doors), interior and sliding.

French doors inherited the name from their origins in France in the 17th Century. Art and architecture were concepts that were developing, growing and changing. The French door, initially, was not a door and began as a large window. These windows were then styled so that they could open and a person could step onto a balcony.

Security is always a concern for people and with correctly installed, modern French doors, there is no need to worry. When using Wooden Luxury, we ensure that your French doors are built with the highest quality and that the glazing and locks are also secure. All of our bespoke doors are supplied with a secure multi-point locking system as standard. The toughened, double glazing glass and thick, premium timber also assists in making sure nobody breaks into your home. Always ensure that your French doors are locked when you are not around.

Although both door styles have benefits, deciding on your choice depends on your needs and preferences. French doors are good at retaining heat and keeping the cold out. The glass in these designs is better for insulation as there is less surface area, with energy efficient double glazing. Wooden French doors are traditionally more expensive than sliding glass doors, but this depends on variable factors such as model, security measures, insulation, and installation. Frame type is also an important factor, with French doors being suitable for older properties or for homes with a more traditional decor and space to play with.

French doors can create an artistic look in your home, which in turn could raise the value of your property. The versatility of this design means that we can create something to suit your needs and that will work well with your home. There are many different styles of French door to choose from, such as an old-style farmhouse look or a new luxury estate home vision. The wooden frame of the door gives your home a vintage, traditional styling. However, when painted with a solid colour, a more modern look is created. The frame may be sandblasted and polished to show off the wooden grain.

The best security option for your French door is a ESPAG multipoint locking system on the lead door and an internal shoot bolt system on the other door. This type of lock secures both doors together. For optimal security, we fit all of our doors with anti-snap and anti-drill three kite-marked euro cylinders. With this addition, it would take an intruder an average of 10x longer to bypass than a standard euro cylinder. Our euro cylinders, assembled in the Uk, have external key entry facing and a thumb turn on the inside for convenience purposes. For multiple door orders, we ensure all your doors work off the same master key.