Oak Frame Garage Doors

Oak Frame Garage Doors designed to enhance your home built by Wooden Luxury

Our expert team lovingly create a range of oak timber framed garage doors for clients throughout the area. These oak buildings are designed to last. We do this by carefully selecting the best materials available and by putting our years of experience into practice. We ensure that your oak structure not only fits in with the style of the building but enhances your property too and are available as single storey or two storey options.

Our master craftsmen create and install all of our oak frame garages which are individually designed to suit each of our clients needs. We work closely with customers to fully understand their requirements.

Our garage designers will then create a plan for a bespoke oak framed garage perfectly tailored to their requirements. From the planning and ground works, through to manufacture and assembly. We promise that all work will comply with building regulations and complement the current look of your property, adding both value and beauty. Our team are passionate about what we do and take great pride in all of their work. With 16 years’ experience creating oak garages that stand the test of time, we are confident that we can deliver.

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Its all in the detail

With Wooden Luxury you will get an oak framed garage or oak framed outbuilding of superior quality. It won’t be designed with skinny components and minimum bay sizes. Instead we create stunning, tailored oak frames, with unique details and an exceptionally high finish. We cut each and every joint with great care and attention to detail.

Beauty and functionality

Whatever its purpose, today’s garages serve a multitude of functions, at Wooden Luxury we believe the basic stability of an oak frame can match almost any requirement whilst adding an ageless beauty that blends in gracefully wherever it is placed.

Wooden Luxury Oak garages can be adapted to almost every purpose with additions of log stores or work spaces, closed or open. They can be expanded to form swimming pool covers, guest accommodation, music rooms, stables, workshops – almost anything you could imagine.

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Buy with Confidence with our 6 year Guarantee

We’re that confident in our luxury bespoke products that we offer a 6 year guarantee as standard. This includes the sealed double glazed units, paint work, finishes craftsmanship and ironmongery.  Our 6-year guarantee break down cover is as follows:

We provide a 6-year manufacturer guarantee on all our products.*  The Manufacturer guarantee includes the joints of the joinery, major timber bows and twists in the product.  Clear and obvious signs of neglect and/or damage is not covered.  To ensure the product stands the test of time, it is recommended that the painting and oil finishes are regularly treated and well maintained.

Your Ironmongery guarentee  covers all hardware such as all latches, catches, bolts, locks and ESPAG’s.  This also includes ironmongery finishings such as handles, fasteners, stays, pulls, knobs & letterboxes.

Our double glazing guarantee is there incase  any of your double-glazed units blow or condensate (this is where the glass steams up within the cavity of the sealed unit) within 4 years of purchasing the product.  In thisninstance we will then change them free of charge.

Low Maintenance wooden doors and windows come as standard when you use Wooden Luxury. We only use paint and oil products that are tried & tested and when applied correctly guarantee longevity.

A timber product is likely to move ‘most’ within the first few months of fitting as it adjusts to its new climate.  We offer a ‘fit like new’ guarantee for 1 year after the product is fitted as we want you to have peace of mind that any snags that may occur will be taken care off.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the first things that come to mind with an oak framed garage is the requirements for planning permission or building permits.

Under UK planning laws, garages are in a category called ‘outbuildings’ along with sheds, greenhouses and other outer structures. Though the rules do differ dependent on the type of property, for instance if it is a listed building or if it is in an area of natural beauty, the general rules are that you are not allowed to build one at the side of your property or that garages can’t be more than 10m2 if the structure is 20 meters away from an outer wall of the property.

Generally, all outbuildings are classed as “permitted developments” which don’t need planning permission as long as the following rules are adhered to:

  • The oak framed garage isn’t in front of the “main elevation” of the house – this usually means the front of a house but it can also mean the side or even the back of the house but as a general rule of thumb it is the side which faces the road.
  • The oak framed garage cannot be used as a living space e.g. a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.
  • All of your outbuildings combined cannot take up more than 50% of the total area of land around your property.
  • Wooden garages should be single storey.
  • The garage must be positioned within 2m of the boundaries of the house e.g. the outer fences.
  • If the garage is to have a dual pitched roof then it can be no taller than 2.5m at the eaves and 4m from the ridge. Similarly, if it is a single pitched roof then it must be 2.5m at the eaves and 3m at the ridge.
  • The garage must not have any decking, veranda or raised platform.